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How Mumbai is Conquering the World

Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Jun 25,2019

Mumbai is one of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities, and its population of over 12 million is boosted still further by an annual influx of tourists from across Asia and beyond. There's certainly a lot to see and do in this magical mega-city, but it's also a gateway city that's reaching out to the world in more ways than one. As a national and international transport hub, it allows people from across India to reach a large number of global destinations, and its cultural significance means that it's sounds, sights, and ideas are also conquering the world.

An Outbound Tourism Capital
Mumbai is not only a dream destination for tourists from every continent; it also allows people to travel from India to countries across Asia, Europe, and America. The Indian outbound tourism market is booming, and with the economic future of the city looking bright, this trend is set to continue in the decades ahead. One sign of the increasing popularity of outbound tourism is the annual tourism exhibition in Mumbai, attracting large numbers of exhibitors and travel procurement professionals over the three-day event. With keynote speakers who are experts in the Indian travel market, and exhibiting companies of all sizes, it's a great place to make tourism contacts and find out the opportunities that travel from Mumbai can bring.

Bollywood Going Mainstream
The Mumbai film producing center known as Bollywood has long been loved in India, and by the Indian diaspora across the world. It's a vast industry that produces around 2,000 films a year, and its influence continues to grow. Bollywood has become mainstream on a worldwide scale, as audiences once fed mainly on American movies are discovering the sheer exuberance and style of Mumbai's movies. Bollywood stars such as Freida Pinto and Aishwarya Rai have conquered Hollywood too, and audiences are discovering how contemporary Bollywood movies are unafraid to tackle modern issues and controversy. The global growth in the popularity of these movies is helping to export Mumbai culture worldwide, and further enhancing the reputation of this city.

Watched Across The World
One result of Bollywood becoming a truly global phenomenon is that many Hollywood filmmakers are now choosing to shoot their own films in the city, in the hope that some of the glamour and success of Bollywood can rub off on their movies. Slumdog Millionaire is one of the most successful films of the century, and it can be argued that Mumbai itself is the star of the movie, even though it doesn't shy away from showing all sides of life in the city. Other popular movies shot wholly or partly in Mumbai include Hotel Mumbai, The Lunchbox, and the Dhoom series of films which became hugely successful by combining the best of Bollywood and Hollywood.

Mumbai's film industry and its spectacular and diverse scenery mean that it will continue to be seen on screens worldwide for years to come, and the city is also capturing global attention through its ground-breaking art and music. The world is coming to Mumbai, and the people of Mumbai and India as a whole are also heading out into the world thanks to its international travel connections. There's little wonder, then, that Mumbai is conquering the world.