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The Importance of Perfumes in Our Lives

Posted by : Rashmi on | Dec 10,2018

Attars and perfumes are not the visible aspects of fashion but they play acrucial role in enhancing your attire. A good scent helps in much more than just improving one’s appeal. The aroma that comes from perfumes and attars help in relieving stress. Scientific studies have also stated that smell can be associated with memories and trigger happiness.A good fragrance also enhances the overall personality of an individual. Perfumes/attars are equally important for men, as well as women. Let us take a look at why you should invest in attars and perfumes.

Why invest in perfumes and attars?

It is seen that the sense of smell is liked with memory more closely than any of our senses. Our senses give information to the thalamus, which send the information to the different parts of the brain. This process triggers emotional responses accordingly. But when it comes to smell related senses, ascent or fragrance goes past the thalamus and into the olfactory bulb. And the olfactory bulb is connected to the hippocampus and amygdala. This helps in triggering strong responses to smells in terms of memories. So, go ahead and buy premium perfumes online or shop for packed attar online and incite your profound memories.

Impact on others:

It is always difficult to have a good opinion for something with and obnoxious smell. A good smelling individual leaves a better impression on everyone than someone without a good fragrance. It helps you enhance the appeal of your personality and how people perceive you. So, whether you buy perfumes online or shop for packed attar online, it is necessary that you invest in a good fragrance.

Enhancing appeal:

We’ve been talking about perfumes and attars enhancing appeal for a while now. It is seen the women are attracted to men wearing a good scent. Women do perceive a good fragrance, as an attractive aspect. So, go out there all you guys and search for attar wholesalers in Mumbai.

What is better Perfume or attar?

‘Attar’ or ‘Ittar’ as it is known is an essential oil extract from spices, herbs, flowers and more with any adulteration. Whereas, perfumes are a mixture of essential oils and other chemical compounds. Both serve the same purpose of making one smell their best. The only difference between both is the intensity of the scent and the lasting capacity. Look out for some attar wholesalers in Mumbai that sell amazing attars or maybe you can buy premium perfumes online.